We extend our condolences to... 

The Strauss family, on the death of Susan Strauss Orr, sister of Peter Strauss

The Janger family, on the death of Inez Janger, wife of the late Allen Janger

The Chock/Goldman family, on the death of Iona Chock, mother of Laurie Chock

The Katzenstein family, on the death of Walter Katzenstein, husband of Florence Katzenstein

The Simmons/Magun family, on the death of Stanley Simmons, father of Judith Simmons

The Roth family, on the death of Lenore Roth, mother of Michael Roth

We Congratulate the following...

Sarah and Philip Michaelson on the birth of their son, Brun

Beth Green on the marriage of her son Ross to Jordan Zarrill

We Congratulate our recent B'nai Mitzvah Families...

Findley McRae, son of Robyn and Allister McRae, on September 8

Malka Halliwell, daughter of Erica and Eli Halliwell, on September 15

Aden Greengrass, son of Ellen and Jonathan Greengrass, on September 22

David Schwartz, son of Lise Anne and Jeffrey Schwartz, on September 29