The Talmud teaches: God spoke the Ten Commandments in one voice, but they were heard in seventy different languages.

A story.
“One day a father speaks to his two sons. The next day one brother says ‘Our father told us yesterday to beware of strangers’…. The second brother disagrees ‘Oh no… our father told us to welcome strangers!’ What do they do? Do they deny they have a common father? Do they deny their father spoke to them? Worse, do they declare that they are really not brothers? Or do they return to their father and ask him to speak again?”

We seek to hear the voice, the song that enables us to live in peace. We are a trans-denominational, liberal congregation of over 400 families, with a nursery school for 2-,3- and 4/5 -year-olds, a religious school for kindergarten through high school, and an extensive selection of adult education programs. Shabbat and holiday services; lifecycle events from birth to Bar/Bat Mitzvah and from weddings to memorial services; moral issues that face the Jewish people and the world at large — are all part of our programs.

Feel free to contact us for details on any of our programs at info@tbshastings.org