We are thrilled to offer a number of options to allow flexibility for families, enrichment for children, and a day filled with excitement and discovery.


Monday - Friday

“Kodem Kol” (translated as “first of all, first of everything”) is our early drop-off play time starting at daily at 8:00 am (available a little earlier by arrangement). Enrollment is per diem or daily/weekly. Children are signed into Kodem Kol in the “Red Room” by their dropping-off adult. The program is facilitated by our preschool staff, and provides supervised play for a mixed-age group of children who arrive earlier.

2’s LUNCH BUNCH | 12 - 1 pm

Monday - Thursday

Following Daily Class, we are offering a per diem Lunch Bunch program on Mondays - Thursdays, from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. The children will have the enjoyment of extended playtime, the comraderie of having lunch together, and a special story, allowing for pick-up at 1:00 pm or the ability to extend the day with Afternoon Enrichment until 2:00 pm, or Sach HaKol (late stay) until 3:00 pm if so desired.

After School Programs Include:
Art Workshops
Jewish Culture and Language
Creative Movement and Music
Sports and Gym
Social Skills


Monday - Thursday

Our extended day schedule provides an amazing array of age-appropriate enrichment programming. Classes will follow the Temple Beth Shalom Nursery school calendar with the exception of phase-in and the last week of school (no After School classes June 24, 25 and 26).

Special Program Notes:

• Twos enrolled in Afterrnoon Enrichment first stay for Lunch Bunch from 12:00 - 1:00 pm (with separate registration).

• Sach HaKol/Late Stay is available from 2:00 - 3:00 pm following Enrichment class dismissal (with separate registration).


Here’s how it works: participating children will bring their own prepared lunch and beverage to school and enjoy the pleasure of eating together with friends, having additional recreational time both indoors and out, and experiencing the following phenomenal opportunities with Nursery School staff and specialists:

MONDAYS - September 17 - June 17

2s - Play Lab, following Lunch Bunch, provides a terrific opportunity for exploration and fun! Participants will explore our the great outdoors, learning about nature and seasonal changes and engaging in creative projects to reflect their discoveries.

3s + Pre-K 4s/5s - Scribble Art Workshop is a developmentally based art program that sparks creativity and creates a life skill of art appreciation in children. Scribble Art instructors will engage your children in an exploration of art materials including collage, painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, while encouraging visual literacy (analyzing artwork and images) all while having a great time.

TUESDAYS - September 25 - June 18

2s - Construction Site, following Lunch Bunch, our 2s will endeavor to work with found objects to become young engineers, and designers!

3s + Pre-K 4s/5s - Terrific Tuesdays offers a dazzling range of activities, fluctuating specialists for the Fall’s Kaleidoscope (music, drama, photgraphy, and culinary arts), Winter’s GymGuyz (sports, physical training, and kick boxing), and Spring’s Let’s Go! (travel Israel and throughout the World, weaving in Hebrew language and culture as we trot the globe, and arriving in Israel just in time for Spring holiday celebrations).

WEDNESDAYS - September 26 - June 19

2s + 3s - Cooking & More will allow a healthy hands-on exploration of how to create delicious recipes,and experiment with growing food too. Instructor Sue Malat joins us to teach your children to love cooking in a fun environment.

Pre-K 4s/5s - Mad Science returns for their twentieth year and continues to provide extraordinary hands-on and interactive age-appropriate science experiences that—as highlighted in the New York Times—provide fun and exciting activities and take-home projects that give children a clearer understanding of what science is really about and how it aects the world around them, as taught by the likes of scientists Neutron Nancy and Johnny Argon.

THURSDAYS - September 20 - June 20

2s - Terrific Twos enter a funtime world of goop and glitter sensory experiments, where thrilling creations abound.This will be our lab setting for understanding play materials by using the familiar in new and different ways.

3s + Pre-K 4s/5s - Motion Commotion brings back creative movement specialist Michelle Wurf (MK Dance) to provide playful and productive classes that encourage cool moves, awesome group cooperation and turn-taking, and super fun for everyone.


Monday - Thursday

Following our Afternoon Enrichment programs, family schedules may necessitate a later pick-up time. The Temple has responded to this scheduling need with a per diem late stay program, “Sach HaKol”.

“Sach HaKol” (translated as “the end of it all”) is offered Monday - Thursday from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Your children will be signed into Sach HaKol in the “Red Room” by their After School enrichment teacher. Billing is based on this sign-in. The program is facilitated by our preschool staff and provides supervised play for a limited number of children who need to be here later.